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Time To Move On? Sales Roles Available Now! — Dublin

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Clearwater Advertising
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HERE YOU ARE! Another day at the office.

Time to go home. Remember how proud you were when you

landed that great role at that famous company…..  And now?

Well, your work is okay, your colleagues are  pretty nice  and

the office parties get  pleasantly  out  of  hands  at  times.  Of

course,  you  are  keeping   your eyes open  (for  other  career

opportunities).  You are  still  very  ambitious!!!!!!  You  want

something else!!!! You’re looking for new energy, in yourself

and in a company. That’s great, especially if you are a  career

minded,  sales  driven  individual with a  passion  for reaching

and   exceeding  targets.  Because that’s what  we’re  looking

for!  So  get  your  IPhone  or your  Blackberry and  mail us  at

ciara@clearwater-advertising.comto make an appointment.

Alternatively,  call  Ciara  on  01-2304512  to  fast  track your

application. Don’t wait any longer.  Limited appointments!!!!

  • Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • 39 Northumberland Ave, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • 012304512
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